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Textiles, plastics, paints, and many other products are damaged by germicidal sterilizing UV-C radiation becoming more popular to fight corona virus threat

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    UVC放射(具体的には253.7nm)への曝露による表面の消毒および汚染除去は、一連のヒト病原体に対して40年以上にわたって使用されてきました。適切な量のUV-Cを使用することで、COVID-19の近縁種のウイルスであるSARS COV-1を高いレベルで不活性化できることが示されています。国際紫外線協会(IUVA)は、現在のCOVID-19のウイルスであるSARS COV-2を治療する際にも、同様の結果が期待できると考えています。

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    注:「UVC」と「UV-C」という用語は、文献上ではどちらも同じ意味で使われています。UVC放射(またはUVC光)は、100~280 nmの電磁波と定義されています。UVCの別称には、短波長紫外線、紫外線殺菌照射(UVGI)が含まれています。

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    With the promulgation of UVC as a disinfectant, materials engineers from all industries, as well as electronic devices, testing laboratories, etc. are increasingly concerned that UV-C disinfection adds a new severe photodegradation stress to their materials, for which negative effects on materials have not been investigated. They fear that their materials – textiles, plastics, coatings, etc. – may severely suffer from this “new stress”, which is much harsher than solar UV, and may have considerably reduced service lifetime.

    Material durability testing equipment against UVC stress is not widely available on the market. Many companies have recently contacted Atlas for support to simulate the output of these UVC disinfectant devices to evaluate long-term exposure effects.

    Examples for affected products, materials, and applications are:

    • Consumer electronics
    • Electric and electronic devices
    • Automotive interior
    • Interior of trains, plans, railway station and airport facilities
    • Rental cars, public and school buses
    • Interior Materials and furniture, e.g. textiles, carpets/flooring, laminates, etc.
    • Hospitals, educational, administrative, and other public facilities
    • Research institutes
    • and many more …

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    The Atlas UVCTest™ is designed to test the durability of materials exposed to UVC radiation centered at 254 nm. It is based on the popular UVTest™ fluorescent/UV platform, with special modifications for safety and reliability. The output of the UVC-254 lamps simulates the UV-C germicidal radiation used by sterilization devices.

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    Atlas Material Testing Services also offers UVCTest exposures as a service in our Accelerated Weathering Testing Laboratories.

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    Guidelines for UVC Testing to Assess Durability of Materials
    Read more - Guide AG111 – UVC Material Exposure Testing

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    UVC Material Exposure Testing – Atlas Online Seminar